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Cluster Headache Symptoms


Cluster Headaches are a rare and extremely painful kind of headache that usually occur on one side of the head and around the eye. Symptoms include intense pain, described as “searing” or “stabbing”, that may move to other areas around the eye, tearing or redness of the eye, a stuffy or runny nose and swelling around the affected area. Sufferers of Cluster Headaches describe them more as “attacks” since they can come on very suddenly and be severely painful. More males suffer with these painful headaches, while more females suffer with migraine headaches.

Unlike migraine headaches where rest in a dark room may help until the headache stops, those who suffer with the severe pain of Cluster Headaches find no relief from lying down. They may be restless and pace while enduring the painful attack.

The cluster headache attack can last from 15 minutes to 180 minutes compared to Migraines which last 4-72 hours. These headaches appear in clusters that last for 6 to 12 weeks. They may stop for months or even years before starting again.


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