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Best Diet For Weight Loss and Without Any Exercise


Surely, it can’t be true, can it be? We all have heard that a good diet can help you lose weight more efficiently than exercise, but is it really possible with money savings? The answer is yes! Before we get into the money saving aspect of weight loss, we must first debunk the myths that have been surrounding it for decades.

Healthier People Simply Exercise more

While it’s true that exercise of any kind does burn calories, the notion that fitter people simply exercise more is not true. Consider this extensive study into the matter by Herman Pontzer, who set out to Tanzania to research one of the few remaining hunter-gatherer tribes on earth, the Hadza.

Healthier People Simply Exercise

Given the nature of their daily lives, the Hadza are some of the most active people on the planet; the men set out daily to hunt, chasing animals and climbing trees to collect honey, while the women gather plant food from bushes and underground tubers. The two sexes walk an average of 8.4 km, or 5.4 miles a day (3.6 miles for women, and 7.1 miles for men), much more than an average American.

And yet, at the end of study, Pontzer and his team came to a startling conclusion. Despite the Hadza being some of the most active people on earth, their total energy expenditure per day was not more than the people in the U.S and Europe! Think about that for a second. The average American walks 5117 steps, or 2.4 miles per day. That’s less than half what the Hadza cover, and yet, both sets of humans burn the same amount of calories.

While this study was on a smaller sample size, it did help destroy the myth that people who lost major amounts of weight did so by simply becoming more active.

Exercise alone can Result in Major Weight Loss

Continuing on from the last point, it’s worrying to see how many gym instructors and health care professionals will tell you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight, as long as you’re getting enough exercise. This is simply not true!

Exercise alone can Result in Major Weight Loss

Make no mistake about it, exercise is one of the healthiest things you can do for your body and your mind. Studies have linked regular exercise to numerous health benefits like reduced blood pressure, lower triglycerides in the blood, and even a reduced risk of stroke, and heart attack.

But, without a change of diet, those are the only benefits you’ll see from regular exercise. Study after study has proven that the effects on weight loss from exercise are only modest to begin with, and will get less noticeable over the long term.

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